Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the Cheap PLUS A GIVEAWAY!!

My friend Sandra was nice enough to treat me to lunch today. {{Thanks!}} We had Mexican food at Sara's Place in Las Cruces (givin a shout out for them, can I get a Wooo Wooo!!). The food was so good, the salsa was hot. (I lika da spicy!)

Then it hit me... HEARTBURN. Oh, the pain, oh the agony!!! I get it a lot, but not like I used to, so I always manage to keep tums or rolaids around. Well, I took some rolaids soft chews (very tasty, but keep them away from the chillens, because they look and even kinda taste like candy)
but they didn't help.

Then I recalled that Sandra had told me just yesterday, as a matter of fact, that baking soda works very well as an antacid.

I got home and thought... "What have I got to lose?" So, I filled a cup halfway with water and disolved a level teaspoon (the kind you would eat cereal with, not the measuring spoon) of baking soda in it. I drank about half** and within 30 seconds to a minute, my heartburn was G.O.N.E!!!

I actually danced around gleefully in the kitchen.

For all you out there who are BOGOing, pennypinching, and frugaling, this is LESS than PENNIES per dose!!!!! I buy the generic baking soda for about $.45 per box (less if it is on sale). When I bought the Rolaids Soft Chews, they were $3.29 for about 15 pieces!!! You do the math. No, really.. do the math. Dooo it. DO IT.

**OK, now for the "catch":

IT TASTES AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it works and is cheap, so I will continue to use it. So, to all of you... I am putting a challenge out there.

What home remedies or tips have you found like this that were:

1. Cheap, cheap, cheap
2. You Actually TRIED
3. Successfully Worked

For any who leave a comment and link to my blog (you know the drill) I will pick a winner and you will get a BRAND SPANKIN NEW box of baking soda, with my autograph. C'mon, you know you want it!


Lissaloo said...

How awful is awful????? I have been getting heartburn a lot lately & am thinking this is worth a try, mostly because I already have this and am to cheap to go buy the rolaids. :)

Tammy said...

It was just really, really really salty with just a HINT of soap taste.

R Max said...

I use baking soda all the time for heartburn, it's just a little salty.

I've tasted much worse, believe me.

One of our remedies, for an upset tummy... 2 tblsp flour in half a cup of water. Fixes the problem in 10 minutes but I CANNOT ABIDE IT even though my husband swears by it.

I'd rather have the upset tummy.

Me said...

Baking soda is what I use for heartburn. I tastes HORRIBLE!

Not this time of year..obviously, but vinegar on mosquito bites. It stings but will take away the itch!

April said...

I remember when I would add it to my toothpaste to try and get whiter teeth - I'm sure you remember how crazy I am over my teeth. I just remember how gross it was and didn't see any results from the VERY short time I used it. Hey, if it works...go for it!! And, UUUM (MadTV UMMM)....I can't do the math because you didn't tell me how many "doses" would be in a box. HAHA!
PS I STILL haven't done the last tag, sheesh. I need to get with it!

wendy said...

Do you know, I have NEVER had heartburn in my life --at 57 Never, not when pregnant or anything. and I love love spicy food, lucky me. My husband suffers from heartburn --so I will have to tell him your remedy. I don't think I have any home remedies of my own though.

Tammy said...

I love Magic Erasers. They are awesome. However, I cut them in half or even fourths to last longer. They are amazing for marks and just good cleaning. Not a home remedy, but a trick that stretches the dollar.

Lynn said...

You gave me a laugh & a half ! You are so very clever...
good old baking soda, it works like a charm but tastes ucky...when I was growing up, I had to brush with a baking soda loaded toothbrush every morning and I didn't have a cavity until I was almost 17 !

Want whiter teeth ?

Mix equal parts of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water into a nice, ucky, bubbly paste, brush twice a day with it (if you can stand it) and in a month, you will see a whiter smile for cheap, cheap, cheap !

Stacey Gray said...

Where is Sara's Place? I have never heard of it, but since we love Mexican food and really enjoy going out we would love to try it.
My home remedy? I don't think that I really have one. Whenever I got sick with sinus problems my mom would always boil a pot of water and add salt and then I would put my head over it with a kitchen towel over my head and I would breathe all of the steam in-as weird as it sounds it did make me feel better.
When I was younger and wanted my hair to go pretty curly I would beat some egg whites (to stiff peaks) and then put them into my wet hair (like mousse), then dry with a diffuser. It worked pretty well, and I've heard that if you add sugar to it, it will hold a lot better. Although I imagine a bottle of generic gel is cheaper than using eggs, but I think that the eggs probably worked better than the gel did.
I've never tried baking soda for heartburn, I typically only get it when I'm pregnant. It sounds pretty nasty though.

Tammy said...

So... No one wanted an autographed box of baking soda, huh?

Thanks for all the tips and comments. You all make my day.

Stacy, here are the directions to Sara's Place:

From your house take Del Rey to Main, going toward downtown. Turn left on Solano, go past the park and it will be on your left.

I usually get the combo plate, green. Mmmmmm.

Random Blonde said...

Here's a tip, but it's not heartburn related. You know those gross black spots you inevitably get on your car and home carpet? Spray them with Windex and scrub them with a dry cloth. Works fantastic! (And it won't leave your carpet blue, I promise.)

Lynn said...

I want that autographed baking soda... LOL !

Tammy said...

You got it! Just email your pertinent info to
mikeandtammy49 at gmail dot com

Lynn said...

Thanks so much Tammy...I'll treasure it ! LOL

The family said...

Okay THIS Is a clever giveaway. You'll have to save postage and just mail the three dollars. LOL.
I'll add a link to your blog.
Thanks for stopping by mine.

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