Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calling ALL Family History Buffs!

My hubbs and I had the opportunity to go to the temple on Saturday and do ordinances for a lot of my ancestors. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Because of that, I have this need, this desire to find more names to bring to the temple. It is borderline obsessive, hinging on a true mania.

BUT, in one area of my family history, I have had a stumbling block for many years. Not just a bring wall, but verging on the WALLS of JERHICO, encircled by The GREAT WALL OF CHINA, while I am standing in the GRAND CANYON looking up at these nameless family members, without a clue how to climb out or get past these road blocks.

SOOOOOOOOO, if anyone has some experience with family history, that would be willing to help, I am all ears!!

Even if you don't have any experience, but know someone who does, please, please, please pass this along.



Natalie said...

Hi, I just happened to come across your blog and I think you are hilarious! Here is a link to a really great genealogist I know...Good Luck!!

Genealogy Your Way -

DeNae said...

Hi there! Saw your name on my blog, and dropped by to say thanks for dropping by!

I know nothing about genealogy. I can barely spell the word "genealogy". I'm sure that my pioneer ancestors have formed a support group in the spirit world to deal with their feelings of neglect from yours truly. I wish you luck with yours, though!

I did read your Fix a Flat post, however, and THAT'S one I can comment on.

We lived in Puerto Rico at the time Hurricane Georges sailed through. With hurricanes, you have lots of time to prepare, so I froze jugs of water and baked acres of cookies and found all the UNO cards - you know, the stuff real survivalists forget to tell you about.

Anyway, hurricane comes and goes. While without electricity I'm patting my self on the back for having all that frozen water to keep the rest of my food cold.

When the lights came back on, I tossed the water...

...and when the lights went out again, this time for a week, I got the chance to compare dealing with a crisis when you're prepared with dealing with a crisis when you are not.

Prepared is definitely better, hands down.

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