Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Well, the year is almost over. What a year it was.

I have learned a lot this year. Some lessons were learned in a classroom, others from the school of hard knocks. Either way, that is what life is about.

As I look to this up coming year, I will work on healing old wounds, being closer to my college degree, strengthening relationships, becoming healthier and hopefully getting my back yard done! :0)

I just want to let all my friends and family know how grateful I am for you and I hope this new year brings you happiness.

Monday, December 6, 2010

No, I'm Not Dead

I am just in school and working full time. So I feel dead. Finals this week, then off for 3 weeks. Yippie!!! On 1/06/11 I get to jump on that crazy train all over again when the semester starts!! AND I am taking 4 classes this semester instead of 3.

Since my last post, not too much has happened. We did go back to CA to see my family. My dad gave us all a scare by getting a 105 degree fever. That's bad enough when you DON'T have cancer. He was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks, but he is home and feeling better.

For our belated anniversary trip Mike and I spent the night in Monterey, CA. It is beautiful. We visited the aquarium and ate at Fisherman's Wharf. The seafood was amazing!! I wish we could have stayed longer. I feel like the ocean is my second home.

We also were able to see my dear friends April and Wendy. I didn't get to see everything or everyone that I would have liked to. Time, phone issues and schedules not being compatible got in the way.

I miss everyone in CA already, but am so glad to be home.

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