Monday, January 19, 2009

Honest Scrap

WOW! I got my first award today. You realize that this is just going to add to my already out of control blogging.

This was awarded to my from An Eagles View. Thanks!

My acceptance speech: *Ahem* You like me, you REALLY, REALLY like me!!! (sudden flashbacks of Sally Field getting her Oscar) Anyhoo, this is just too cool. I appreciate the recognition of my random and candid thoughts.

I should probably post the rules:

The rules for the Honest Scrap award:
A) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers whom you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

OK, Here goes (I will try to do this quickly, like ripping a bandaid off)

1. I am the youngest of 4 kids and the only active one in the church. It makes me sad.

2. I am trying to lose weight, but I feel like I constantly self-sabotage myself and can't figure out why.

3. I think my husband is super handsome when he is in all his temple gear!

4. I wish I had the ability to say exactly what is on my mind (tactfully).

5. I can cross my eyes and then un-cross only one at a time and alternate them back and forth. It kinda freaks people out. I think it's cool.

6. I met my hubby online through LDS Planet. We got married about 4.5 months after the "face to face". Best decision I ever made!

7. I desperately want children and having gone through 8 (known) miscarriages, it has taken me a LONG time to not get upset when a friend or family member has a baby.

8. I do not have a college education. I have had to work from a very early age and just never had the opportunity or time until I moved to NM. I am currently TRYING to get my degree here. (Go AGGIES!) I did, however, get my PhD from the School of Hard Knocks!

9. I have decided to "train" myself in the culinary arts. There are no culinary schools around here and I really want to enhance my skills, so I decided (just last night!) to do it myself!

10. I did not appreciate my membership in the LDS Church until I was 32 years old. I had a "spiritual epiphany" of sorts and have worked very hard to build my testimony and to live my life making the best choices possible. I do not have one. single. regret. for making those changes in my life. I actually am more at peace with myself than I have been in a LONG time.

There... Now, the 7 people I nominate/tag are:

April of A Honu Experience
Stacy of The Gray Area
Ashley of The Weir Family
Lisa of Leatherwood Family Adventures
Wendy of No Botox Allowed
Sarah of The Payne Family
Paula of Random Thoughts from a Random Blonde


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on the award!

And my husband and I met on LDS Singles many years ago! We got engaged like 6 weeks later, and married 5 1/2 months after that. I think online dating is awesome!

Mike and Tammy said...

I do too! We talked at minimum 4-5 hours a night. When we finally did have our face to face, it was like I knew him for years! Because of that, we truly are each others best friends.

wendy said...

An award -- YOU WON AN AWARD. Congrats. Now the pressure is on and I have to think of 10 things "intersting" about myself. Me, the most "uninterestintg person in the world. " DULL, definetly dull.

Lynn said...

Very's so nice when someone recognizes and likes your blog with an award awarded !

Me said...

Thanks for accepting this one! What a trooper you are! Thanks again!

Lissaloo said...

Great post! I loved reading all your about you's. If you need a good cooking web site is a great one.

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