Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

We went to a haunted house on Wednesday night, 10/29 to avoid the crowds. We went with our friends, the Mark and Lisa Leatherwood. Mike and I didn't have a chance to be scared in the haunted house, we were too busy laughing! We toured in single file, with Mark in the front, then Lisa then me then Mike. ( I will never take the lead or the rear for something like this). Since Mark was in the front and therefore got the worst of the surprises, his reactions were our source of amusement. We had such a great time! Thanks Mark for being such a great sport!

On Friday 10/31, we went to our ward party and participated in the "Trunk or Treat". We bought a lot of candy, and at first we were handing it out by the handful, because we didn't think there were that many kids and then they just kept coming and coming. We soon ran out of candy. All the kids looked so cute in their costumes! I wish we hadn't forgot our camera!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sad News

As many of you know, Mike and I have been trying to have children, with no success. We recently suffered another blow to our effort. I found out this week that I had yet another miscarriage. This makes 8 total. I didn't even know I was pregnant. I had some weird symptoms and decided to take a pregnancy test and it was positive. Being the neurotic person I am, I ended up taking 4 more tests that week. I got one more positive and the rest were negative. I went to the doctor and they did another test on me and it was negative as well. He said that I had a miscarriage and that the hormones left over from the pregnancy brought on the 2 positive tests.

As always, we will keep trying.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our "3" Anniversary!

I have been looking for new and fun things to put on our blog, and I found these "tickers", that count down birthdays, baby due dates, anniversaries, etc. I put the ticker for "Anniversary Years" on our blog and when I looked at how long Mike and I have been married, it showed we have been married for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days, today, October 26th, 2008. I thought it was really cool, so, Happy 3 Anniversary to us!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain - Palin 2008

Today w
as SOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! We found out that John McCain was going to be in Mesilla today and so we went to the rally. We got there at 1pm, although it didn't start until 3:30pm. It was a good thing we got there so early, it was very crowded by the time it started. We were so close to the stage, too!!!! The Third Judicial District Attorney Susana Martinez hosted the event, Mike Tellez, who is running for NM House of Representatives gave a prayer for the campaign, Vicki Carr sang "America the Beautiful", (the whole audience sang along, it brought me to tears). Ed Tinsley, running for Congress for NM, Steve Pearce, a Congressman for NM, Lindsay Graham, the Senator from South Carolina and Pete Dominici Senator for NM all spoke and gave awesome speeches. Then... the Big Man himself, John McCain!!!! He is incredible!!! It was really inspiring to hear him speak! It really confirmed our conviction on who we are voting for. Then, after he spoke, he started shaking people's hands and mike and I pushed our way even further to the front and stuck our hands out there and we BOTH got to shake his hands!!! It was just so cool.

OK.. I know there is a LOT of controversy over who to vote for. So, I will just say this... PLEASE vote. Let your voice be heard, regardless of who you are voting for, just vote! We are so blessed to live in this country where we have so many freedoms! Take advantage of your RIGHT as an American and vote. I can't say it enough.

Pretty Yard

As you can see, our front yard landscaping is a bit boring. These are some pictures of a house here in Las Cruces that has a REALLY pretty front yard that I hope to one day use as inspiration for our yard.


Mike loves Professional Wrestling. I used to follow it when I was younger, then got back into it after Mike and I got married. When they came to Las Cruces in June, we jumped at the chance to go. We got the tickets in the "nosebleed" section, because that's all they had left. The view was actually a lot better than our camera shows. At first I wasn't having a fun time, because this little girl, who was about 6 or 7, was standing behind me to my left and SCREAMING "Body Slam!!! Kill Him!!! You Suck!!!!" RIGHT into my ear. I turned around and gave the dad or grandpa a very dirty look and they got up and left. Or at least I thought they left. They came back. He must have said something to her because she was a LOT quieter for the rest of the night.

Up North

We LOVE going "Up North"!!! This is where Mike's parents live, where Mike grew up and where we lived before moving to Las Cruces. We go up there every chance we get. These pictures were taken in December 2007. As you can see, it snows up there quite a bit. When we lived there, Mike and I used to feed the cows in the winter. We'd hop on the 4-wheeler and load it up with hay and distribute the bales all over the field. It is so much fun! I really miss living there.

Christmas Time 2007

My parents came to Las Cruces for the first time. We were able to celebrate Christmas with them. They saw our new house and we showed them around town. It was so great to have them here. Mike and I bought our 2nd Christmas tree. Our first one, we got after Christmas and thought we got a great deal, $10!! Well, you get what you pay for. We put it together and it was such a Charlie Brown tree. I laughed at how puny it was. So, we went to several stores and found a beautiful tree at Wal-mart. I am surprised out cats didn't destroy it.

On Christmas day, we had my parents, my co-worker Shirley Guzman (and her husband), as well as the missionaries over for dinner. I felt so "grown-up" hosting the holiday meal. I bought the plates we used at a thrift store in Taos. They are the same pattern my mom had when I was a kid.
Growing up, I loved setting the table for holidays. This year was no exception.

I also LOVE wrapping presents at Christmas. I always wait until the last minute, staying up until 3 or 4am to get them all done. Here I am with all my stuff spread out having fun! You can also see Willow, my spoiled cat, "helping".

Daniel's Graduation December 2007

Mike's brother Daniel graduated ... with a PhD in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING!!! Congrats Daniel!
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