Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Study Today!!!!

Well folks, today is the day of our home study. I am excited and nervous. (actually I am wound tighter than an 8 day clock!)

After today... I can take a breath.

And then... we wait and wait and wait. Well, that is not all we will be doing. We are going to be very proactive in getting the word out about our hope to adopt, even more than we already have. To help with that, I have ordered some pass along cards from Spaces for Faces and hired Erin from, to design our adoption blog.

Our adoption blog's address is if you want to check it out, it isn't finished yet, there is still some things we need to put on there. PLEASE grab my button for your blog (once it is on there) to help us spread the word about our adoption.

Thanks for all your support my RL and Bloggy friends!! You're awesome!

P.S. I need to give a special shout out to Ashley, Sariah, Kendra, Shaela, and Amber for the card and flowers. You really made my day!!! I love you!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are We Really THIS Lazy, People???

My hubby and I went to the grocery store last night and upon returning to our car, there were several carts in various places in the parking lot. This by itself is not uncommon.

The part that really gets to me is that we parked 1 space over from the "cart corral" and there were carts in the parking lot 2 feet from it!

I am just floored that people are parked right next to that thing and still don't put them away.

Seriously, are we really that lazy?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!

My hubby and I celebrated our 4th year of wedded bliss last week.

To celebrate, we went to Albuquerque and spent the day at the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens. I have been wanting to go to the Aquarium ever since I found out that New Mexico has one. It did not disappoint. It had freshwater fish, Gulf of Mexico fish and saltwater/ocean displays. The best part? It had SHARKS!! I love sharks. I am absolutely terrified of them, but they are so beautiful.

After spending time there, we sauntered, yes sauntered over to the Botanical Gardens. That place was breathtaking! We began our tour in an area for kids. It looked like a castle from the outside, complete with a dragon. We went inside and it was sort of like a maze. It oversized everything there, bugs, veggies, a HUGE watering can. It was awesome. It also had a butterfly house (sorry, no pictures) and a train set that would make most enthusiasts drool.

All in all, it was the best anniversary ever.

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