Sunday, May 20, 2007

In the home stretch!!

These two pictures show that the doors are ready to be installed by now. As of this posting, they have been installed and painted. The picture with Mike with the 4'9" door ..... we had them install that for when Daniel and Paula and Caleb come to visit.
They have finally painted the inside of the house. The color of the paint is "Wind Drift Beige". The funny thing is, the walls are VERY similar to the color we painted most of the walls of the house (that belonged to Mike's grandparents) when we lived there!

They have poured the driveway and the walk leading to the front door. They will be pouring the sidewalk in the next day or two. The house, the structure is complete. Now, the only things that remain are the things to "pretty" up the house, such as the landscaping, floor coverings, appliances, etc. They have the tile ready to install. The second to last picture shows the boxes of tile that we picked out. So, it is just a matter of time!

Even closer to being ready!

They started the rock wall. All of the houses in Ken Thurston Homes have a rockwall included with the price of the house. The rockwall is 4' high in the back and on the sides it is 4' and then tapers to 1' and goes all the way to the sidewalk. It's nice not to have the expense of having to put up a fence ourselves.

They have put the stucco on the house!!! This is the first coating which is gray. Then they put the color coating on.

So much progress!!

The one and only time we will ever see this on our electricity meter!!!!

From the rest of the pictures, you can see that they have sheetrocked the entire house. It's funny, when we go and visit our house, it is actually cooler than our apartment!

Cool in Summer, Toasty in the Winter

Time for a new post again. Our attention to our blog as been somewhat sidelined for a few weeks. But I digress. These pictures show the netting put on the walls in preparation for the blow-in insulation. We bought an insulated garage door and had the garage walls insulated. This way we can store non perishable foods in the garage and have it a more even temperature all year long. Ken Thurston homes are known for their energy efficency, so we are excited about the low energy bills we have. (Well, not excited about having to PAY them, of course)
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