Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do Do Do Do, I Have Poo!

Birdie, Birdie in the sky
Dropped a dew drop in my eye
I won't laugh and I won't cry
I'm just glad that cows don't fly!

Last night the hubbs and I attended our Elder's Quorum BBQ. It was fun. The hamburgers were great!

There isn't much seating at the park we went to and so I was glad to find a relatively open picnic table. We sat down and I was playing with Shanna, our friends daughter. I then felt something hit my shoulder, but didn't think anything of it, because the trees we were sitting under had acorns on them.

I turned to say something to my hubby and felt something wet on my neck. I started freaking out (silently of course) saying: "Get it off!!! Get it off!!" I could tell he wanted to laugh. I asked him what had been on me and he was hesitant to tell me. Just before he told me, I heard the flutter of wings from the culprit taking flight and moving elsewhere to wreak havoc on some other poor soul.

Yes, folks, I had been shat upon.

I guess this proves that some days you step in it, some days you step around it, and some days it lurks high above waiting until that perfect moment to strike!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I AM Human, After All...

I was humbled today. Not in a bad way, but it happened. You see, I have been sick for the past week. Yes, I know, it seems like I am always sick. Because of being sick, I have not been keeping up on my housecleaning. (yes, we disinfected on Sunday, due to kitty poo, but the house is still a bit of a mess).

Well, today my wonderful friend Lisa offered to bring dinner over to us, and I took her up on it. I warned her about the state of my home. She came in and laughed because of my "messy" house and said "See?? You are human!" It took a lot of trust for me and swallowing my pride to let her into my house, while not being almost perfect.

I am glad to say I have learned a few things:

1. My house doesn't have to be perfect all the time

2. Real friends understand that life happens and sometimes your house gets messy, and yet they look past it and love you anyway

3. They also ignore a little "toot" that escaped even though I tried my best to hold it until she left! (hey, I'm sick!)

Love ya Lisa!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

WARNING: Gross Post

Today was a typical Sunday, like any other. We got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, got to church late.

We arrived home from church. Then the fun began....

Our house smelled like poop. Cat poop to be exact. No, no, no, no, no!!!

You see, anyone who knows me, knows that I am rather OCD about my house and the smell therein. I like my house to smell clean and fresh. We clean our home, keep the laundry tamed, clean the litter box regularly, etc., so there won't be odiferous offenders lurking in every corner.

When people come over, I do not want them to know that we have cats from walking into a wall of stench from a nasty litter box. This is an ongoing worry of mine.

So, you can probably imagine my horror to the lovely poop scent.

I knew who the offender was. It was my long haired cat, His Majesty. Sometimes he has issues with his poop. It gets stuck in his fur around his little bunghole. This time though, it was bad. So we donned the appropriate HazMat gear and proceeded to clean his little rear end of said poop. He protested at first, but then just sat there and let us finish, (He really had no choice, due to the deathgrip Mike had on him) and by finish, I mean, shaving his little butt. He also got a good washing in his nether regions and now smells like orchids. He is currently under our bed, madder than a wet hen, or.. err.. cat.

The fun doesn't stop there folks! We then had to go ALL OVER our house and disinfect it from top to bottom, because we didn't know where he may have sat and "spread the love", if you know what I mean!

During the disinfecting of EVERYTHING in our house, I turned to Mike and I said, "Well, I guess this will help prepare us for a baby" and his reply: "Yeah, but we won't have to shave our baby's butt!"

Ahhh the joys of having pets.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wife Swap

(how often do people actually use this word?) taking a sick day at home from praying to the porcelain god all night, I decided to watch a little television. I came across this show. I must say, I. AM. ADDICTED. If you have never seen this show, the concept is the producers choose 2 families that could not be further apart in lifestyles and the wives live in the other families house for 2 weeks.

For instance, they had a family that was all about etiquette and a family that had no rules or manners. At the end of the 2 weeks, the etiquette family let down their guard and relaxed a little and the family with no manners learned some and life was more harmonious.

It is amazing the resistance these families have to trying a new way of living, especially since they only have to do it for 1 week.

The nice thing is, that each family actually learns something and feels that it was a good experience.

It teaches a good lesson to all of us that it is not good to be too extreme in one way or another, to be flexible with life and to be open minded to others.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nothin to Say

I am having one of those days where so much is happening around me, but I don't have anything to post about. I guess the real question is: Is that sad, or am I really just boring?

Monday, September 7, 2009


We are excited to announce that as of 11:00am on Wednesday, September 2, 2009....

We were officially approved for adoption!!! Our profile is active at

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