Saturday, February 18, 2012

It Finally Happened!!

My last post announced that we were chosen by a birth mother.  The Lord felt it was time to answer our prayers.  We are finally parents!!

Introducing our beautiful daughter Sophia.  She was born January 29th, 16 days early!  Our birth mother almost delivered in the car.  It was close, but they did make it to the hospital (BARELY!!).  She was born in the hallway at the hospital!

We were able to spend several hours at the hospital with our birth mother before going back to Mike's brother's house in Albuquerque.  We stayed there waiting for the relinquishment hearing that took place in Grants, NM.

We attended the hearing at the request of our birth mother.  After it was over, she handed me a letter before she left.  I sat in the hall of the court house and read the letter.  It was so beautiful.  I just sobbed.  All of the emotion that I had been holding in, waiting for this to happen came out.

We feel so blessed and humbled to have this sweet spirit in our lives.

Thank you to all of you who have supported us through this long and uphill journey to parenthood.  

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