Friday, January 16, 2009

Ode to Cholula

Oh Cholula,
You wonderful sauce, making my eggs dance on my tongue.
Full of fire and flavor.
My potatoes cry out for you.
Don't ever change.
Breakfast will ever be better because of you.
Oh Cholula.


Erica Hanks said...

Girl...I luvs me some Cholula! Is it a New Mexico thing? I grew up in Farmington!

Mike and Tammy said...

I found this wonderful stuff at an IHOP!!! I found it at a super Wal-mart and have been buying it ever since. Yummy!

If you ever make it to NM, we should do lunch or something!

Lynn said...

Wooooo Ouch...Anything too hot gives me a headache but I do admire people who just love hot stuff ( I guess I'm not very adventurous in that department) LOL

Mike and Tammy said...

It is just sooo good. I can take the heat if I can still taste the flavor. When the heat goes past that stage, I'm out.

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