Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wacky Winter Weather

I live in Las Cruces and just last week it was over 70 degrees.

Today, the high was 44 degrees and we had 33 mph wind & SNOW FLURRIES!!!

I have never lived anywhere that had such diverse weather!

Maybe next week we'll have tidal waves?


Lissaloo said...

That's crazy! Hope you get some calmer weather soon, & no tidal waves :)

April said...

Yeah, tital waves wouldn't be fun!

I ranted in the comments on my facebook post for you.

wendy said...

70 degrees!!!!!!!!!! I'm coming. I am so sick of winter and grey, and dark, and winter, and grey and dark.......... there certainly seems to be some weather "wierdness" going on though eh.
That would be a big WAVE to go all the way to Las Cruces. (do you have your 72 hours kit ready, add floaties.)

p.s. thanks for your thoughts on my blog about "comments". Just nice to hear what ya'll are thinking. (ya'll isn't particularily Canadian talk, but I like it)

wendy said...

I see you changed up your Blog...I am observant like that. CUTE

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