Monday, February 9, 2009

Gross Foods

OK, I was blogstalking at lunch and found this post at Shark Bait's Blog about food issues and thought I would post one myself. Yes, I am shameless, but I am giving her props!

Foods I can't stand:

1. Mushrooms - cannot eat them. Haven't been able to since I was a kid. They are slimy and gross and they are FUNGUS!! The same way Athlete's Foot is fungus!

2. End Milk - You know that little bit of milk that sits on the bottom of the jug, it's not quite enough to make a full glass. Ugh.

3. End Bread - Too dry. No flavor, yuck.

4. Okra - Boiled, fried, it's all gross.

5. Caviar - Never had it, never will. What is the difference between that and what you get at Floyd's Bait and Tackle besides the price tag?

6. Wet Yolk Fried Eggs - I love them scrambled, but cannot do fried, unless you break the yolk. With "sunny side up" the eggs are ALWAYS snotty. I am gagging just thinking about them.

7. Peaches - If they are peeled, I am fine. But that hairy skin?!?!? I shudder. Really.

8. Smoked Oysters - The hubs loves them on crackers, but they look like big, gray loogies.

9. Cantaloupe - I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the smell, but cannot eat them. I can do watermelon, but only in small doses.

10. Those "Bloomin Onions" - Greasy, nasty abominations, and the dipping sauce, don't even get me started.

11. Black Licorice - Nuf said

12. Scallops - They are rubbery and horrid.

What about you? What foods are gross?


Me said...

I'm going to have to agree with end milk. I can't do it. I will go without!

Kristina P. said...

Mmmmmmm. Bloomin' Onions.

wendy said...

Oh, dear Tammy----I love most of those things you Hate. I love loogies. (tee,hee) I can't eat elbow macaroni....looks like maggots......don't even try and make me. NEVER

Lissaloo said...

My list and yours could almost be twins except for the 'shrooms :)

Mike and Tammy said...

Mushrooms... the absolute bain to my existence!!!

Lynn said...

Raw fish but especially oysters and anything bloody like rare meats YUCK !

Head cheese...grotesque !

Liverwurst, slimy, runny eggs,blue cheese, scallops ( horrid ) I also can't stand it when people suck on any kind of crab legs, lobster etc.

I also make my hubs taste sour cream, milk, cottage cheese and shredded cheese so I don't have to...he's the best !

I feel strangely better now ...thanks !

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