Monday, February 23, 2009


89% of respondents had the opportunity to vote in the last election. For the remaining 11% that did not vote their reasons were 1) Uninterested in candidates or politics, 2) Not registered to vote, and 3) Not a US citizen.

According to the data, 62% were satisfied with the outcome of the recent election (Figure 2). This is high considering that a large percentage of respondents voted for the losing candidate ticket (Figure 3). If fact, 25% of those that voted for McCain were still satisfied with the outcome of the election.

Almost half of respondents (44%) thought that the media was biased (Figure 4). Of those that believed there was a biased information in the media, 75% of that the media was biased against John McCain (Figure 5).

Lastly, the country appears united (71.8%) that the biggest priority for Obama will be the economy (Chart 6).

I got a call about a week ago from an opinion polling company about the recent election. I am not sure how many people were polled. They sent me the results, and I am sharing them with you.

What do you agree with and disagree with?


Ann On and On... said...

You have a fun blog.... I am here to welcome you to SITS, but I got carried away reading for the last 10 minutes. (Love the optical images)

So, WELCOME to SITS! I hope you have some time to visit other blogs. There are so many amazing ladies out there.... happy reading.

K said...

That is really interesting. I think that's cool that they were willing to send you the results. I'm definitely going to ask next time I get polled.

Welcome to SITS!

Mechelle said...

I always do those polls. I have a hard time saying, "No, I don't want to give you my opinion. LoL

Lynn said...

Hi Tammy,
I am NOT happy with the outcome of the election, the media is very biased for the liberals, the ecomony is numero uno, many dead people and serial voters ( voting more than once in different counties or states) voted in the last election, I am fed up with the Republicans in Congress because they have totally lost their way and I try now NOT to watch too much news on T.V. because I might just put my foot thru the T.V. screen and hurt myself...thanks I feel better now !

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