Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Want My Mommy!

I called my mom last night. We talked about this and that. We talked about my impending adoption. The more we talked, the more emotional I became.

Our baby's due date is right around the corner. Our birth mom lives in a different state and due to all the legal hoops we need to jump through after the birth, we will need to be there for about 4-5 weeks. Due to hubby's work schedule, there is also a strong chance that I may have to be there for a few weeks by myself. with a new baby. by. my. self.

As I was telling my mom all of this, I realized how terrified I am. I also realized how much I need my mom during this time in my life.

I just wish she didn't live so far away.


Nonna Beach said...

Perfectly understandable reaction for an expectant Mom...I am so thrilled for you both. There's no one like your Mom when you have a new baby...your long wait and prayers have been'll do great !

Random Blonde said...

If it comes to this, let me know! We may be able to work something out so that the kids and I can come out to help.

Stacey Gray said...

Tammy, this is perfectly normal. Every new mom feels overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for such a fragile new baby, but believe me you are more than capable. All a baby needs are milk, diapers and love. Although having your mom there at such a special time is wonderful too, I wish she could be there too.

Suzanna H. said...

I wanted to talk to you on Sunday! If you are wondering how big your baby is... you can look at my belly. I think I am due just after your baby is due. (Sept. 26th). Just so you know ;)

Doug & April said...

I have those freak out moments just thinking of trying to get pregnant. I imagine your mind is so busy right now! You'll do great! I know you will!

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