Thursday, May 14, 2009

Introducing My Second Blog!!

I posted a while ago about my need to lose weight. Well, I thought I would be more accountable for it by making it public.

I am dedicating my posts exclusively to my weight loss.

It is called..... drum roll please......

Fat With A Side of GERD

The inspiration for the name? Well, the first part is obvious.... but the GERD is from the fact that I just learned that I have it. It had drastically changed the way I have to eat.

For example I can no longer eat the following:

Any kind of citrus, including juice
Tomatoes or their derivitives
Spicy ANYTHING (hello!!!!! I live in NM!!!)
High Fat
Deep Fried
Carbonated drinks

I have to eat no less than 3 hrs before bedtime

I cannot wear anything tight on my waist

And being overweight doesn't help

It was a wake-up call. For the past week I have done my best to follow the eating plan and because of it..... I LOST 2.3 POUNDS!!!!!!! (can I get a wooo woooo!!!)

Be sure to stop by to see my progress.

I am excited for this.

Let's get movin'!




in time out said...

Good luck, I will have to remember to stop by. My first time here. I do hope that it goes well for you. I will check back. Take care now.

hugs. ♥

Lissaloo said...

Good for you! I will definitely check it out!

Kristen said...

Wooo Wooo! Good for you.

And I love the name of the blog!!

Checking you out from SITS!

wendy said...

Well, I will definetly give you a wooo wooo. It is stinking hard to loose weight. How come you can't eat any citrus ---and SPICY food (love spciy food) I am cheering for you girl so keep it up!!!!

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