Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shout Out to the LCFD!!

Just when I thought we were done with our adoption paperwork.... I found some MORE that I missed!!!!

This is my life right now. Paperwork. Not complaining... I'm just sayin.

We have had to get stuff notarized (for a fee), pet's vaccinated (more money), fingerprinted ($$), background checks ($$$), and the list goes on and on.

One thing you have to do for an adoption is have your home inspected to make sure it won't go up in flames in a fit of spontaneous combustion. The fire department has to come to your home and inspect it. I called today to ask what the charge would be (because everything else had fees attached to it) and Lt. Gonzales at the LCFD uttered the two most beautiful words I could hear at that moment....: "NO CHARGE" The joy... the rapture!!!!

He was going to send someone right then and there, but I am at work and PLUS my house is a disaster area!!!! I need to clean first. A girl needs some notice!

So, thanks to Lt. Gonzales, the boys at the station will be receiving my homemade chocolate chip cookies as a great big Thank You (only if we pass, though!! hee hee) We'll pass, right? RIGHT?


Kristina P. said...

That is so great!

Lynn said...

Our friends went through this gauntlet of fees, inspections etc. and got a baby son and then a baby daughter. Yeah...so worth it all !

A hint...as the time gets closer to getting the child, there might be surprise inspections of your home and yet more paperwork and fees also !

Daniel said...

You do realize that having kids costs $$$$$, no matter how you get them! And then you have to shell out more for doctor visits and food and toys and clothes and... They are worth it though! Good thing your favorite brother-in-law has a lot of "gently used" stuff just waiting for you!

Lissaloo said...

Sounds like a lot of work that will pay off big time :)

wendy said...

It is amazing the hoops one has to go through to adopt ---where anyone can birth a baby without any checks at all. Drug addicts, homeless people, child abusers, you name it--no one does all those checks when you go in and the dr. says your pregnant ---BUT WAIT, we have all these inspections you have to go through first and if you don't pass, sorry well take the baby away. It is insane.
hang in there, this child that is somewhere waiting to be placed in your loving arms is also just waiting for everyone to get past the bureacracy (sp)

April said...

You're blog page is so cute!

When you were listing the fees I was waiting for "Priceless" at the end.

You are getting a little closer each day! WOO HOO

At least I can shop and feel like I'm helping... even if it's just a little help.

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