Friday, March 6, 2009

I am SUCH a Carnivore!!!

Last night for dinner, we decided to do a little grillin. Oh the smell. So smokey, so bbq'y, so delicious!!!!!!

The Food Pyramid was completely kicked to the curb.

We barbequed 3 kinds of meat. 3!!!

I had on my plate:

A BBQ Chicken Breast
Lamb Ribs
2 Beef Kabobs. (You need to know one thing.... the beef kabobs were just that. BEEF! NO veggies, just meat on a stick. )

I will throw the Vegetarians a bone (hahahahah no pun.... I changed my mind, the pun IS intended) we did have non meat on our plate....SEASONED FRIES!!!

SACRED BOVINE (hee hee another pun)..... IT. WAS. GOOD.

(We normally don't eat like that, but we got non-labeled meat out of the freezer over a 2 day period for different meals and when I went to cook said meals, the thawed out meat was the wrong thing. We had to eat it any way.)

I could never, ever, ever give up my meat. I mean, seriously, I cannot imagine it.


Kristina P. said...

I love meat so much.

Me said...

Ditto to that! Even better if its bbq'd! YUMMY!

coco-ono said...

too funny, stopping by from sits

April said...

Holy meaty picture batman! I was surprised to see the ribs on your list, I remember how much you hate meat on a bone. The whole ripping meat from the bone with your teeth thing.

Tammy said...

Oh, no, I still don't rip it off with my teeth. If I very prudently pick it off with my fingers, I am ok with it. I still can't eat chicken on a bone.

Lynn said...

I'm with you Tammy...I love meat but well done and on the grill. I have never chewed on a bone in my life ! I detest touching raw meat of any kind...that's where I draw the line !!!

wendy said...

DITTO on that --I could eat like that. I love veggies --but not JUST veggies. said...

Sounds delish! mmmmm

Becky w/ Nickels-n-Dimes said...

B. I love my meat too!
C. I love how in love you are!
D. Thank you for linking to my site!
E. We moved in case you want to update the link to

I did not see an email link so I thought that I would leave D and E here for ya! LOL

Thanks for the link love!

Lissaloo said...

YUM BBQ is the best!

MuseSwings said...

Dinner sounds wonderful! Pass the lamb ribs, please! Stopped by from SITS to say Hi!

R Max said...

You would love New Zealand rack of lamb. If you can keep your mind off the image of little lambies frollicking in the sunshine, then you would LOVE it.

Chaka said...

That's an impressive spread you've got there. I have been trying to go semi-vegetarian for one month for a nutrition test and it is very hard. Some days I feel like going to Rodizio Grill when nobody is watching.

Debbie said...

That is very funny - three kinds of meat!
Stopped by from SITS to say hi.

Kristina P. said...

Tammy, make sure to check out my blog today! Be prepared to pee yourself!

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