Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today, I ran to the store to pick up some things for dinner. I got home and was getting the stuff out of the car and felt a pinching on my finger and looked down and saw that I had shut my finger in the car door!!!! The door was shut all the way on the first section of my finger just below the first knuckle. I opened the door and saw the blood and the black and blue. It hurt WAY worse when I got it out. I had Mike take pictures. These pictures do not do it justice. (I added the top picture on 12/4) It is not as swollen as it could be, because I put it in icewater right away. Now, it just throbs. Ugh.

*Update - 12/4/08 Day 2 of the "Tammy is an incredible klutz" saga. My fingertip is twice the normal size but at least it doesn't really hurt as much as it did yesterday. (yeah!)

**Update - 12/6/08 Day 4 - Yesterday, the build-up of pressure (blood/fluid) was getting to the uncomfortable stage and making the tip of my finger swell terribly. So, I decided to play doctor and did the "heat the tip of a paperclip until it's red hot and melt a hole in my nail" routine. I was a bit nervous, but I survived. It didn't hurt and I didn't faint!! Mike asked if there was anything he could do, but I think he was relieved that I said "no". I have been soaking my finger in water mixed with antiseptic solution and keeping a bandaid with Neosporin on my finger. My goal is to keep the hole open (moist) and letting it drain, while keeping infection out. If you look at today's picture, you can see the hole in my nail. I can now type with my finger and use my mouse. There are still things I can't do with it, because there are areas that are still really tender. I did, after all, smoosh it in the car door! It is really enlightening to find out how much I use my index fingers when all of a sudden I can't!


April said...

HOLY FETCH!!! CRAPPY!! You told me you did it, but MAN!!! OUCHIEE!!

Stacey Gray said...

Ooo! So sorry! I'm sad that you've been sick a lot lately-hopefully you've had your fair share of sick this season and will be fine until spring... I'm looking forward to your chocolate party-I still need to decide what to bring.

Mike and Tammy said...

It actually looks worse now, but it doesn't really hurt like it did. My finger nail is a lot bluer. I am definitely gonna lose the nail.

I am excited about the Chocolate Party, too. I am so glad you are coming, Stacey!

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