Saturday, June 2, 2007

So close ..... and yet ..... so far

The house is just about 2 weeks away from completion! It seems like it will be forever before we move in!

As you can see, our kitchen cabinets are almost done. I am thrilled with the storage space! We will have a breakfast bar (which has NOT been installed yet) which will guessed it MORE STORAGE!!!! Again, we chose a dark, rich, warm shade for the cabinets. We think it plays off the tile well. The countertops that are going in are called Jamocha Granite. They will be formica, but look like granite. We also chose black appliances. To add to the "richness" of the colors in the kitchen. Plus, having had white appliances forever, we wanted something different.

AND today is a momentous occasion! We wrote our last rent check!!!!!! Whooooo Hoooooooo!

We will be signing papers for the house about 1 week before our 2 year wedding anniversary. What an anniversary gift!!!!

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