Monday, June 18, 2007

More details

Here you can see that they laid the carpet. The color is Ivory Bisque. The day they put the carpet in, Mike and I were at the house and we just laid down in the middle of the living room on our backs enjoying the new carpet smell. We think it makes a nice contrast to the dark tile.
Just a close up shot of the carpet. As you can see it is Berber. We upgraded the padding, so it really is quite cushy on our feet!
This is an action shot of the shower head in the guest bathroom. We turned it on to check the water pressure. Take note for all of you who will visit us.... you will be bathing in this very shower!!!!!
This is the vanity in the master bathroom. This actually gives you a better look at the counter tops with the cabinets and tile. Mike and I have always had to crowd around one sink when we brush our teeth (not that I mind being close to my hubby!!!), so we may not know what to with all the room!

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