Saturday, June 2, 2007

Let there be light!

The light fixtures have been installed! We are very pleased with the way they look. The finish on the light package we chose is Oil Rubbed Bronze. We really like the finish. All the plumbing fixtures will be the same color. This ceiling fan is in the living room. The hole you see next to it is the skylight and there is not much light coming from it because they have paper taped up on it to protect it from the texture spray as well as from paint.
This is the dining room chandelier. (I hope I spelled that correctly!) As you can see, we need to to a bit of "tweaking" to correct to crookedness. We will also be changing out all the light bulbs to florescent. You'd be surprised how much money that saves!!
This light is over the kitchen sink.
This light fixture is in both bathrooms over the over the vanities.

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