Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Totally Made My Day Today

Paula, my sister-in-law sent this email to us today. We visited their family over Memorial Day weekend. These are some of the things their kids (our niece and nephew) have been saying since our visit.


Today over breakfast, Caleb told me that the next time Mike and Tammy come, he wants to take them on the train. "And we'll hurry fast fast so we don't miss our train!"

Then Cerena said "Miss Mike and Tammy." (As in, I miss them, not as in Ms. Tammy.)

The other day we drove by Bass Pro Shop, and Caleb started saying "I want to go to the shark store!" (He was looking at the big mouth bass on their sign.) I said, "You want to go back to the shark store?" He said, "Yeah. Let's go to the shark store to see if Mike and Tammy are there."

I put pictures up on the bathroom door of the rewards that Caleb earned by doing well on his potty training chart. One of the pictures is of him pointing toward the coming train. Daniel is holding him and Mike is in the background. Every. single. time. one of the kids goes into the bathroom, they point out Mike.

You're loved and missed, and I just thought you'd like to know. :)

I cried when I read it. My heart is full.


Random Blonde said...

Wow! I'm blog-worthy!! :)

Seriously, I'm glad this made your day. It's amazing how much the kids have talked about you guys since you were here. I can't count how many times Cerena has talked about Mike (even though she didn't want anything to do with him while he was here). And Caleb brings you both up frequently. Daniel reminded me this evening that lately Cerena has been saying "Mike Tammy home. Cruces." (She learned that from her big brother.)

Wish we could see you guys more often!


Nonna Beach said...

So cute...those little people can really melt your heart without even trying !

Auntie April said...

SO sweet and precious. Hope you are doing well.

Doug & April said...

That's so sweet.

Kimberly said...

That is so sweet! Nieces and nephews are the best!!! Well obviously so are aunts and uncles!!! I saw you on blog frog...nice to meet you! I'm your latest stalker...I mean follower! ;-) ~Kimberly

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