Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey You!!!

Yeah you... the one reading this post. I am so glad you stopped by my blog!!! Is it your first time or do you come by regularly? Well, regardless of how often you come by, don't be shy... leave me a comment. I love making new friends!

Much love...


Random Blonde said...

I'm always blog-stalking you! (My husband does, too, although I'd bet money that he won't post a comment!)

:) PJ

Nonna Beach said...

I like comments but some people tell me they feel stupid leaving them on blogs...not me...stalking is o.k. for awhile but I prefer a comment once in a while to keep me truckin' and bloggin' !
Have a great day !!!

Michelle said...

I saw on Mrs. R's blog so I thought I would come by. Mrs R did a great job having you as guest blogger and you did a fantastic job putting yourself out there. I am mommy of 2 angel babies and now mommy of 2 adopted babies, 2 months and 20 months. Both from the same birth mother.
I wish you so much luck in finding your forever family.

Doug & April said...

Um, Hi, my name is April. I'm a stalker.

**Hi, April**

Hi, I've been stalking for a couple years now. I can't seem to kick the habit.

Love you :)

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