Monday, November 3, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am so glad we live in this country and have the right to vote and have free speech... Which is exactly what I am exercising right now.

I have been registered to vote since I was 18. I have voted in every election, both local and national ever since. When I lived in CA, I helped my parents run a polling place for over 10 years. I say all this because I cherish my right as a American to vote.

What absolutely drives me nuts is ALL the calls (we have gotten about 10 in the last hour) and our mailbox being stuffed with all the campaign junk mail, and not even receiving a sample ballot in the mail!!

Anyhoo, I don't know if anyone else is as irritated as I am.

Sometime tomorrow, I will go and vote.

One more thing... Thank you to all the men women who serve, who have fought and died protecting my right to live free in this country, preserving my right to vote and rant about my little irritations.


Aweir said...

We just got rid of our house phone and I must say I am so HAPPY! We were getting calls after 9:30 at night! I wasn't very nice when that happened!! Anyway, I agree that it is annoying that the sample ballots never come but the crap mail does! (and tons of it!) I got my ballot today and unfortunately, several times thought, "who the heck are you?" So, I think our system has some work to do! Love ya!

SitDownKaren said...

I was even gettin them on my cell phone- HELLO- I get charged for those calls! Then they were stalking my house. At least it's over now my sanity is back.

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