Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain - Palin 2008

Today w
as SOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! We found out that John McCain was going to be in Mesilla today and so we went to the rally. We got there at 1pm, although it didn't start until 3:30pm. It was a good thing we got there so early, it was very crowded by the time it started. We were so close to the stage, too!!!! The Third Judicial District Attorney Susana Martinez hosted the event, Mike Tellez, who is running for NM House of Representatives gave a prayer for the campaign, Vicki Carr sang "America the Beautiful", (the whole audience sang along, it brought me to tears). Ed Tinsley, running for Congress for NM, Steve Pearce, a Congressman for NM, Lindsay Graham, the Senator from South Carolina and Pete Dominici Senator for NM all spoke and gave awesome speeches. Then... the Big Man himself, John McCain!!!! He is incredible!!! It was really inspiring to hear him speak! It really confirmed our conviction on who we are voting for. Then, after he spoke, he started shaking people's hands and mike and I pushed our way even further to the front and stuck our hands out there and we BOTH got to shake his hands!!! It was just so cool.

OK.. I know there is a LOT of controversy over who to vote for. So, I will just say this... PLEASE vote. Let your voice be heard, regardless of who you are voting for, just vote! We are so blessed to live in this country where we have so many freedoms! Take advantage of your RIGHT as an American and vote. I can't say it enough.

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