Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Offense But....

Many people have caught whatever creeping crud that is going around. SO FAR {{knocking on wood}} I have not caught it. So, I would like to put out a special message to all my sick friends:

I am sorry you are sick. I am sending some virtual hugs your way. I love you and I hope you get well soon, but I will be avoiding you until you get better. So far, I have managed to go 4 months without getting sick and would like to beat my previous record of 7 months.

That is all.


Doug & April said...

umm...RUDE ,.....LOL

I'm coming over to give you hugs and kisses!! hee hee


cube said...

The mung is going around my youngest's school. She takes your approach and warns all the sickies away from her.

Why do people send sick kids to class?

Tammy said...

April, lol, by the time you get here, you won't be contagious, so bring it on!!!

Cube, seriously. I don't understand why people go to work, church, school, shopping, the movies, etc., when they are all sick and nasty.

Doug & April said...

Oh, "it's already been brought'en!"

I'm sorry, but apparently I have some super duper germs that came your way :(

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